Monthly Meal Planning {September}

Monthly meal planning is all over Pinterest, but it has always seemed really daunting to me. I can’t even manage to stick to a one week menu! And lately (ok, since getting pregnant) I have been totally slacking on cooking dinner at all. In a desperate attempt to reign in our takeout habit, I decided to try making a month long menu. I also thought it would make grocery shopping easier, and I planned on only making 2 trips-one in the first half of the month, and one in the second half.

I sat down with my calendar, pantry/freezer inventory and my dinner board on Pinterest for inspiration. I figured it would be easier if every day had a theme to it. Breakfast for dinner on Sunday, Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesday (but anything Mexican goes!) use the slow cooker on Wednesdays, soup/salad/sandwiches on Thursday, Friday is pizza night, and Saturday is random.

menu themes

Once that was decided, the whole thing seemed less daunting. Even more so when I put “eggs” for every Sunday. Look–a sixth of the way there! I looked at my Pinterest dinner board, but most of the recipes are easy throw together dinners. I really want to use up what’s in our pantry & freezer, so I focused on using those ingredients. Gotta make room for freezer meals-that’s next months challenge!

monthly menu plan

Once that was all done (and it only took 30 minutes or so) I made up a grocery list. There really wasn’t a whole lot on there, since I’m using what we have. I also didn’t include milk (we get it from the farm) or produce (we get it from the co-op) I meant to get our meat from the farm too, but pregnancy brain struck. I ended up spending around $100 total for groceries for 2 weeks. Which is fantastic! Especially since I had a toddler, and gave in to some impulse buys. I forgot my list, and had to make a second trip the next day, but still–not too shabby! (FYI I do look at the circulars and compare prices, but I don’t clip coupons since we stopped getting the Sunday paper.)

Alright, so here’s the menu. Like I said, everything is really easy, so I didn’t include recipes. Just ask if you’re curious!

Sunday September 1- eggs. (I ended up making bacon & French toast.)
Monday- scallops & pesto penne. (I ended up making Mac & cheese because I looked at next week by mistake.)
Tuesday- beef enchiladas. (We had leftovers. Ok, so it doesn’t look like this is working, but this is the most I’ve cooked in a long time!)
Wednesday- BBQ ribs
Thursday- grilled cheese & tomato soup
Friday- pesto & caramelized onion pizza
Saturday- lasagna

Sunday September 8- eggs
Monday- mac & cheese (but since I goofed last week, I’m going to make the scallops & pesto penne)
Tuesday- shrimp & pineapple quesadillas
Wednesday- butterfly soup (basically chili with elbows, I think it’s called chop suey too?)
Thursday- meatball subs
Friday- sausage & peppers pizza
Saturday- beans & rice

Sunday September 15- eggs
Monday- broccoli Alfredo penne
Tuesday- tortilla soup & cheese quesadillas
Wednesday- apple cinnamon pork (from Pinterest)
Thursday- Tuesday’s leftovers
Friday- Hawaiian pizza
Saturday- Mexican chicken

Sunday September 22- quiche (still eggs, just fancier!)
Monday- leftover quiche
Tuesday- tortilla bake
Wednesday- apple pork and acorn squash (Pinterest)
Thursday- apple spinach salad & grilled cheese with apple slices (thinking Brie or muenster…yum!)
Friday- veggie pizza
Saturday- pad Thai

Sunday September 29- eggs
Monday- ravioli

And there you have it!

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One thought on “Monthly Meal Planning {September}

  1. I love how you have my birthday in there :P Planning meals in advance is so helpful! Cooking in advance/freezing is even more helpful :) I hope you can stick through it!!

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