• My BFF Rita just started a fabulous blog, From a Clean Face to a Clean Life, with recipes for eco-friendly beauty & cleaning routines. She has a fantastic post here (on her old blog) about some basic eco-body care habits.
  • Our Front Porch View is an AMAZING blog about pursuing simplicity and contentment by living naturally. Beth is such an inspiration!
  • Love Letters 7.10 is another great great blog, about “rising from the ashes of insecurity & despair through faith & self sufficiency” Megan is incredible & I am so lucky to consider her a friend!


Local Farms:

  • Marblehead Farm Direct Coop I found this coop last fall and joined for their November share. Tons of goodies! Can’t wait to sign up for this summer
  • Brookford Farm not local, but I make a point to stop by if we are up that way. They have raw milk, which is great because it is so hard to find around here
  • Appleton Farms Although they don’t have raw milk, they use a low temperature vat pasteurization technique, which means the milk retains a majority of its enzymes. They have farm fresh eggs, and grass fed beef as well.

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